Sharif’s Writings

Chasing Justice
For them truth and justice means nothing,
And they’ve proven that this is true.
I was wrongfully convicted in Dallas, Texas
For a crime they all know I didn’t do.

This whole ordeal is tearing at my spirit,
And has caused wounds that will never heal.
Many nights my thoughts have overtaken me,
Often confusing that which is real.

Stressful, depressing, and tormenting,
Are emotions which rise to the surface.
How much longer must I endure this,
My life being robbed of its purpose.

They’ve separated my children and I,
And left in its place a void.
Not caring one bit the devastating effect
Of the family unit they’ve destroyed.

I can’t seem to father my self anymore,
Help Me! These walls are closing in.
With no assurance that justice will ever prevail,
I’ve often wished my life would just end.

See, truth and justice mean absolutely nothing,
They’ve made that fact crystal clear,
And if this were not so,
Then I wouldn’t be sitting here.